RASS-JB is developing the care takers of the future. We understand that these leaders of tomorrow require not just book lessons but also the pedagogy of experience to fully realize their potentials and ultimately give a facelift to the country and the world. RASS-JB offers an environment where development of ‘problem solving skills’, ‘communication skills’ and ‘negotiation skills’ becomes a part of your daily routine through case studies, activities, presentations, management games, seminars, conferences, Summer camps, etc.

Group Discussions

Group discussions are part and parcel of selection process in majority of companies. It gives recruiters an opportunity to view the behavioral and attitudinal response of the candidate in a demanding situation. At RASS-JB discussions are regular part of management students’ day. It is an academic activity for assessment.

As per scientific research both parts of a child’s brain work but this is not the case with adults that’s why RASS-JB Dabra teaches students by different techniques (Traditional + Modern) aimed at overall development : –

  1. Block Building
  2. Clay Moulding
  3. Dance Classes
  4. Smart Classes
  5. Stage Performances
  6. Dining Etiquette
  7. Sharing Habits
  8. Group Dynamics
  9. Learning through drama and story
  10. Friendly Class Environment
  11. Teaching Local and Global Culture through activities and Exhibition
  12. English Speaking Environment
  13. Trained and Specialised Teachers
  14. Encourages for Games
  15. Dedicated classes for manners

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